Relevance of the triadic model

The triadic model represents one’s ways of making sense of reality by dividing areas of mundane experiences into substances, practices and self.By applying this model, one can better understand how one constructs reality by paying attention to those different areas of mundane experiences. In the area of substances, one is concerned with attributes and properties of a variety of encounters, such as material artifacts, events and phenomena, including others’ actions and words. Put differently, one attempts to identify those various things and quasi-things with mutually non-contradictory identities, such that one can understand them by establishing general and context-transcending patterns and/or principles along the logic of substitution/falsification. As such, understandings so obtained are paradigmatic and temporally less contingent. Put simply, they bring about a sense of permanence and provide us with resources with which to organize things, events and phenomena in accordance with particular rules and principles.


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