I have been studying people’s everyday conversations which I believe reflect most vividly how we (dis)organize our thoughts, actions and a variety of social institutions. My primary concern is with how to materialize better future in front of irremediable power imbalances by fully appreciating innate capacities of human beings. The key is, though it may sound negative, to know the limits of our capacities. I perceive that human beings are liable to inflate what they can and ought to do because they are innately moral beings, which should also be appreciated 😉

Appreciating the fact that we are innately moral beings will lead us to appreciate, or rather, exploit interactions with others. Each of us can and ought to entrust others with speaking for her/him. We can do so by strengthening our capacities of reading. Once we can manage to read others’ moral sentiments mostly concealed behind their appearances and/or reality denoted in words, we will become able to understand better how to present ourselves to others and/or how to denote our reality in ways that increase chances of others’ reading our truths or senses of moral appropriateness.

Since inequity cannot be eliminated completely, it is critical especially for those who are more powerful to take account of everyone’s deserved dignity: every single being is on its own meaningful. Those who are powerless should, however, know that no one can remain innocent with respect to the inevitable ethical dilemma because no action can be undertaken without throwing away at least part of one’s responsibility for uncertainty and ambiguity entailed in one’s actions: no one can see one’s own actions directly but only can know aspects of actions from responses from others. Ethical practicing of power is all the time taking place in situated interactions.

Plot, which refers to ways of configuring and re-figuring reality by sequencing a variety of events and phenomena into particular orders; and which is capable of revealing particular consequences’ unfolding, will be explained in order to diversify  possible alternative futures one can imagine. It is hoped that by applying plot, well-being at both individual and societal levels can be improved by appreciating the often perplexing relationship between human beings who self-interpret in material world and their hypothetical and inferential ways of knowing.


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