Appreciative Reviewing

Appreciative reviewing is a project that aims to enhance interactions between researchers through communications by means of reviewing one another’s research projects.

Different from the conventional peer review, appreciative reviewing provides researchers with a sphere in which they exchange their respective research processes, typically scarcely accounted for their respective moral sentiments: what did really motivate their research activities? Hence, each reviewer is encouraged to find out imaginatively researchers’ moral sentiments by reference to pieces of their research reports and papers.

Doing so is expected to bring about the following outcomes:

  1. Each reviewer will have opportunities to confront the fact that researchers are inevitably forced to make moral judgments typically with regard to in what kinds of society do we wish to live?
  2. Reviewers will be oriented more towards addressing ever unsolvable problems, such as inequality and the unknowability of any absolute truth.
  3. Reviewers will become aware of their critical roles as mediators for such insolvable problems.

As a rather innovative project, appreciative reviewing begins by reviewing literature concerning power and ethics in organizations.

Appreciative reviewing offers guidelines for those who may become willing to participate in the project, which are derived from narrative frameworks and social practice theory.

  1. A triadic model of our experiences, consciousness and agencies: Experiences with substances/matters, other actors and self, in which each one bestows agencies to identify/classify, to command other actors’ responses by presenting assumptions about the responses, and to mediate those into particular meaningful wholes.
  2. 5 constitutive elements of  plot: Acts, Actors, Scenes, Goals and Agencies
  3. An alternate and diegetic model of interactions consisting of the act of reading and authoring, which emphasizes that no one can hold oneself completely accountable for one’s thoughts, deeds, or feelings.

To initiate this project, I will post my own appreciative reviewing on studies of my choice.


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